Our Story

It is our passion at Gran & Gramps 4 Hire to give back to the Community and our Senior Citizens.

Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd was founded by Lynne Bendrau from Port Elizabeth in June 2018. We wanted to make a difference in the lives of our South African Senior Citizens & the concept of Gran & Gramps 4 Hire was born!  Through our  research we found that there was a definite need in the market for professional, working parents with demanding careers to have access to reliable resources to assist them with their children & busy households.  We have established that there is also a need to fill specific basic needs in business.

We  have a passion for people and want to try improve the critical situation a large sector of South Africans are finding themselves in, especially the Senior Citizens who survive solely on state pensions.

They have become the forgotten generation.  

In the midst of difficult economic times, an opportunity like this offers an alternative to a population that has been hit hard by a poor economy. The 50 and older generation is growing, and more and more older adults are determining that they need to remain in the work force, or re-enter it because of the economic downturn.

We believe that our Senior Citizens deserve a chance to be treated with love, dignity & respect. These are the people that have been there for their children, grandchildren & communities & still have a lot to offer!

It is our passion at Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd  to give back to the community and our Senior Citizens.

Many of our Senior Citizens are knowledgeable, responsible, patient & caring with children and pets and can offer  support to families which do not have grandparents. Our candidates are far more dedicated as au pairs/child-minders, tutors & babysitters  than the younger generation.

All our candidates are personally interviewed and carefully screened by us. Police clearance gets done on all candidates thereby giving parents, home owners & businesses peace of mind.

Most of the candidates are mothers / grandmothers and dads / granddads and have life experience with children, pets and the running of a household / business.

Some of the candidates are retired teachers, administrators and professionals in their working environment that are healthy, active, able, qualified men and women who can assist busy parents and the general community with their life skills.

We  can relate and understand that choosing a Gran or Gramps to work within your household or business can be a personal and difficult decision. Every family’s wants and needs are different,  therefore our  aim is to cater for your requirements. We want the end result to be positive, leaving our clients, as well as our Grans and Gramps satisfied with peace of mind.

Lynne Bendrau - Managing Director

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