Become a Gran or Gramps for hire…

To register with Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd  the following documents will be needed for our  records and to add you onto our website:

  • A recent colour head & shoulders photograph of yourself

    (preferably smiling please).

  • Police clearance document.

  • A copy of your Identity Book / Card.

  • Copy of Medical Aid card if you have private medical aid.

  • An Interview Application Form gets completed with each candidate and we get     some background information on your experience & what type of work you     would like to assist with.

  • Once your interview is complete and we have all the necessary documents,     your photograph and have received proof of payment of your Registration     Fee, you will be uploaded onto our  website and you are then part of the

    Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd Team! Our clients can either book your     services by screening you via the website or through contacting us  directly.     You will be matched with an available position  with a suitable family / business     to fulfill their request for your services needed.

Is Employment guaranteed?

There is no guarantee of employment. However, Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd has received overwhelming support from everyone we have shared our idea with including Doctors, Psychologists, businesses, nursery schools & parents.

Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd is not a recruitment agency, we are a placement agency meaning that once we  have found you a suitable position you will be employed by the Client being (parents/individuals/businesses). They will pay you directly by Cash/EFT whatever is agreed upon between the 2 parties. We don’t deduct any money from your earnings at all.

There will definitely be a demand for our candidates to grow as we establish

Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd.

Thank you for considering being part of Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd!  Our agency  is not necessarily only for Grans and  Gramps. If you are over 50 & not

a Gran or Gramps you can also apply! In order for us to ensure we  have only the best team of Grans & Gramps, we would need to interview each applicant personally and do a background check  in order to provide the parents / businesses who will be using your services with peace of mind.

There is a once off Registration Fee of R280.00 payable when submitting your application process which is valid for 1 year. You can either do an EFT or direct cash deposit into our bank account. This fee covers processing your application (time & resources spent on completing your application and interviewing you). Please note: you will need a police clearance certificate not older than 3 months.

If it is older  you will need to apply for a new one.  

Please complete and submit the adjacent Gran & Gramps 4 Hire form

to start the process of becoming a Gran or Gramps for hire.

Our banking details are as follows:

Bank: First National Bank

Account Holder: Gran and Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd

Account Number: 62774233052

Branch Code: 211417

Reference: Candidates Name

Please email proof of payment to:

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