• Our  Grans  are competent at running homes / businesses, supervising and experienced with children.

  • They can teach domestics to cook and assist with supervising the household chores.

  • Our  Gramps are qualified at running a business, supervising building, alterations, painting, gardening,      have experience in a trade etc and have gained years’ experience in their different fields.

  • Grans & Gramps are able to use their own initiative and knowledge to be responsible in any situation.

  • Grans who will be dealing with and supervising small children are willing to do a basic First Aid training     course if that is your requirement. Please note that this needs to be discussed in more detail between

    the two parties (candidate & client).

  • Grans are patient and able to enforce your values on your children. They are equipped to demonstrate     life skills, and some of them show an interest in modern technology.

  • Inner-generational relationships are of utmost importance.

  • Grans & Gramps are educated and have a variety of knowledge in different fields thereby able to assist     with homework, projects, studying & tutoring.

  • Grans & Gramps form bonds with families and their children, whilst assisting parents with their busy     schedules thereby enabling parents to spend more quality time with their children when arriving home     from work.

  • Some of our Grans are willing to prepare meals for the family & the children they are babysitting. They     are also prepared to sleep over to babysit your children  at your home if needed.

  • Grans & Gramps are able to give one-on-one attention to the children and give them quality time during     their learning phase.

  • Any tasks our Grans & Gramps are given will be handled with care, love and responsibility.  This will

    help any family feel secure and at ease knowing that their home / children / pets are safe and

    well cared for.

  • Grans & Gramps can also assist other Senior Citizens  with transport to Doctors and Hospitals if they

    are sick, to the shops or any other destination they need to be  transported  to.

  • Grans & Gramps offer pet / house sitting services. Your home & pets will be cared for and well

    looked after.

  • Grans & Gramps are willing to assist with secretarial, clerical, administrative & bookkeeping work at     companies / corporations or in a private capacity.  Their expertise can assist your business with

    valuable input needed.

  • Whilst hiring one of our Grans & Gramps, you will be assisting the Senior Citizens by providing them

    with a much needed income and creating a feeling of fulfillment and purpose in their lives.

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