At Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd  we  take our responsibility as a placement agency seriously with a strict selection process. All our  Candidates are mature ladies and gentlemen who are interviewed and must have police clearance certificate.

Whether it’s a casual or permanent position we need as much information from you as possible. The more information you can provide the more confident and precise we can be with the candidate selection. We  want to understand your family, household and business needs and ensure that your new Gran & Gramps will be beneficial in your household/business.

Registration Fee

Please complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION  FORM  and pay the once off Registration  Fee of R450.00 either via EFT or direct cash deposit into

Gran& Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd  bank account. This gives you access

to our website and services.

Our bank account details are as follows:  

Bank: First National Bank

Account Holder: Gran and Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd

Account Number: 62774233052

Branch Code: 211417

Reference: Client Name & Candidate No Booked

Please email proof of payment to accounts@granandgramps4hire.co.za

The once off  Registration Fee covers our costs and sourcing of candidates internally with our  already listed candidates, or sourcing candidates externally via marketing & network platforms. Once you have completed the online Registration Form and made the payment, please send proof of payment to accounts@granandgramps4hire.co.za

The Selection Process for your Gran or Gramps

  • Once proof of payment has been received the process has begun. You can     view our  candidates under “Click to view our candidates” and select a candidate     yourself. You can also request our  assistance  to select a candidate for you by     providing us with as much information as possible and emailing us  your specific     requirements to info@granandgramps4hire.co.za or     lynne@granandgramps4hire.co.za

  • If you request our assistance to find you a candidate, based on the information     you provide we  will search our  database for suitable, screened and     professional  candidates to find the perfect match for you.  We  will propose two     possible candidates whom you can view on our  website under “candidates     page”, or you can interview the candidate either personally or telephonically.

    Once you have made your selection please advise us of your candidate     preference, or your approved chosen candidate. I will then offer them the     opportunity and will provide you with a Client Agreement which includes our     Terms and Conditions for you to sign and return with the specified 20% Agency     Booking Fee  (this being 20 %  fee charged of the total candidate hiring fee).     Should the booking fee be less than R100.00, the minimum  Agent Booking Fee     of R100.00 will apply with each booking.

  • The Agent Booking Fee must be paid into our bank account prior to the     engagement of the candidate services and proof of payment emailed to     accounts@granandgramps4hire.co.za No service will be rendered until proof of     payment is received.

  • We can issue you with a basic employment contract  free of charge  if required     that you can use between yourself and the candidate.

  • Please note should you not be happy with your chosen candidate for any     reason, you can contact Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd  within 24-48 hrs of the     candidate commencing work and we will provide you with a new candidate at no     extra cost. Please note you are only entitled to one candidate change at no     extra cost.  

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Our Support

Gran & Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd will be there to support candidates and families / businesses should advice & information be required. Feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

It is essential for us to ensure that both our candidates & our  families / businesses are satisfied with the engagement.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


  • To be seen as the most trusted provider of “peace of mind services” to South     African families / businesses. To be seen as the custodians for excellent     childcare, homecare, pet care & business support.


   Provide  professional services to families with busy working  lives & businesses     which require support.

   Provide reliable childcare, homecare & pet care services & business support.


  Our  clients are important to us  & we  strive to deliver a service which is     professional, reliable & trustworthy.

  • We  support our community through people  who are willing & able to make a     valuable contribution to families, households & businesses.

  • We strive to ensure our “Grans & Gramps” are recognised as valuable members     of society by providing them with opportunities to realise their abilities.

  • We  have a passion to serve our  clients through providing the right people to     support their family, household & business  to create an environment of trust,     respect & dignity.

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