Terms and Conditions…


The Client confirms that by signing this agreement he/she accepts the terms and conditions as stipulated hereunder.

Any amendments to this agreement must be contained in writing and signed by both parties.

The fees and rates applicable to this agreement are the fees in place at the time of signing the agreement. The Client is hereby informed that the Company reserves the right to amend its fees taking into consideration factors such as inflation and other factors.

Should this agreement be renewed and/or extended, the rates or fees at the time of such renewal or extension shall apply.


The Company is not a recruitment agency or labour broker. The Company is therefore not responsible for payment of rates to the candidate and we do not deduct from the candidates rates.

All candidates are paid the applicable rates on completion of the services rendered alternatively by way of agreement between the Client and candidate.

The Company charges separate fees for the services rendered to book the candidate as set out below.

Kindly note that all fees are charged up front, are not refundable, and due immediately upon invoicing.

The fees for our services are as follows:

1. The Client shall pay a once-off commencement fee of R450.00.  Payment of the commencement fee shall give the client     access to the Company’s website, as which contains a list of candidates who have been interviewed and vetted by the     Company to provide a range of services as described on the website.

2. The Company shall further charge the client a 20% booking  fee for use of the candidate.

    The rates for the candidates are as follows:

3. Candidate rates vary depending on experience, qualification and demand.

4. Standard updated AA rates need to be paid per km to au pairs driving the children & candidates driving elderly around.     Their rates doesn’t include them using their transport i.e. petrol.

5. All rates are to be paid by the client to the candidate directly.

6. The Client shall agree and confirm with the candidate, upon commencement of services when the rates shall be payable     and in what manner (EFT or cash).



Payment of the above amounts must be made and proof must be provided, within 24 hours of receipt of the invoice. Payment shall be made into the following bank account:

Bank: First National Bank

Account Holder: Gran and Gramps 4 Hire (Pty) Ltd

Account Number: 62774233052

Branch Code: 211417

Reference: Client name & candidate booking Ref no/name

The candidate shall not render services until the above amount has been paid in full to the Company.



The client agrees that he/she may not make any bookings with the candidate so appointed or any other candidate registered on the Company’s site without knowledge of the Company.

For any further bookings of the candidate, such bookings are to be made directly with the Company and not with the candidate.

A 20% booking fee shall be charged for any renewal or extension of bookings and/or further or alternative bookings with other candidates on the Company’s website.  

The Client needs to notify us & candidate 24hrs before cancelling. Should this not be done the Client will be liable for the costs.


Should the candidate be unable to perform the services as agreed then the Company undertakes to find a suitable replacement within 48 hours.  Only one candidate replacement ‘free of charge’ will apply.


The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or harm caused by or resulting from the candidate rendering services in terms of this agreement.

The Client indemnifies the Company against any such loss, damage or harm caused by or resulting from the candidate rendering services in terms of this agreement.

The Client further indemnifies the Company against any claim by the candidate for unfair treatment, non-payment or unfair termination at the instance of the Client.


Should the Client engage the services of the candidate without notification to the Company and payment of the prescribed 20% booking fee, then the Client will be in breach of the agreement between the parties and the Company reserves the right to enforce this agreement through legal process.  A penalty fee of R2000.00 will be charged.

Any failure to meet the terms and conditions as agreed between the parties shall be a breach by that party failing. The other party must first give 7 days’ notice to the breaching party, in writing requesting the breaching party to remedy the breach failing which the other party may elect to either cancel the agreement and claim damages or claim specific performance.


Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party 7 working days notice in writing or for any other reason as recognized in law.  

A party may further terminate the agreement should the other party fail to remedy the breach within the prescribed period.


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